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We provide top quality niche online dating sites and our portfolio includes the following .....

minted men

Minted Men

This site is for (a) females looking to find a wealthy man and (b) rich guys looking for a female partner.

Polski Dating

Polish Dating is a site for people looking for a Polish guy or Polish girl living in Britain, as well as Poles looking for British guys and girls. With over half a million Poles now in Britain, this site services a growing need.

Loopy in Love

Loopy in Love is a general dating site for those in their 30s. Funky website name, funky design.

Single Mother Dating

Yep, you guessed it - it's a site for yummy mummies and dashing dads.

Toyboys Dating

This site services the ever growing demand for older women looking for younger men and vice versa. Oddly enough, there are more guys signed up than women. That surprised us too.

posh dating

Creme de la Creme Dating

This is what is rather loosely termed a posh dating site. It attracts people with a certain breeding.

Flirt File

Flirt File

Our offering for the casual dating market sector, which services those looking for flirty fun rather than out and out no strings attached encounters.

divorced dating

Divorcees Dating

Unfortunately many marriages do break up, resulting in many divorcees. This site services the needs of divorcees looking to find love again.

Ugly Dating

As the name implies this site is not for the most attractive members of society. Look around you when you are next out, and you will see this site services a need.

Caring Dating

Caring Dating is a site for those in the caring professions. If you are in nursing, child care etc. etc. this is the place for you to meet that caring girl or find that caring guy, and get it together. The site's motto is "Care for yourself for once!"

Date a Granny

This serves the demand for people of a certain age eager to show they have plenty of life left in them.

christian dating

His Almighty Love

Our offering for the Christian community - who are seeking long term relationships with other Christians.

man crunch

Gay Man Crunch

Our offering for the gay community - and the gay community who are seeking long term relationships, rather than out and out promiscuity.

ginger dating site

Red Head Dating

As the name implies, a site for gingers, and those that love them.


Dogging Direct

This serves the demand from adults looking for dogging - it's a dating website for those who don't want to sit around in freezing cold car parks waiting for their perfect partners to show up.

smwch dating site

Smwch Dating

A dating site exclusively for Welsh people, serving those who live in Wales. In case you are wondering, Smwch is Welsh for smooch.

homeless dating site

Homeless Dating

For everyone who signs up, we make a contribution to a homeless charity.


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